Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TBRUing is a Verb

I was fortunate enough to go to TBRU this past weekend in Dallas. What a great event - incredibly well run, lots of activities and plenty of eye-candy. I was really looking forward to spending some time with some old friends that were also attending and while there was time together, the large diversity of weekend activities often took a toll on bonding. On the other hand, running into some friends that I didn't know where going was quite a pleasant surprise - and even though tickets to the King Tut exhibit were sold out well in advance (not good foresight on my part), I did get to ride some coasters at Six Flags with Andrew and Tom. Being the good guys they are, I never was the single rider.

Being the consummate hosts, Brad and Robert made sure I was entertained in their hometown; touring me around, taking me to dinner a couple times and keeping me loaded up on beer and jello shooters at the beer bust on Sunday afternoon. I'm looking foward to spending more time with them this summer in Ptown.